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Managing anxiety in your hectic world

Is anxiety and stress ruining your life?

Is it preventing you from achieving

everything you’re capable of?

You’re not alone. In today’s fast-paced
world, anxiety is more

common than ever.

What would you do if you

finally break free of these feelings?

how it would
feel to wake up

without the knot of dread in your stomach at the beginning of
each day...

…and the satisfaction

of reaching your full potential

in your work and

social life

If anxiety is blighting your life, the good news

is that there’s lots which can be done.

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Dealing with anxiety shouldn’t be left to chance. Instead, the way forward is a process of learning key pieces of information, developing skills and practising them regularly.


That’s why our experts have developed a specific skills-based Anxiety Management programme for people just like you.


Using the latest thinking from trusted inputs like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), they’ll show you why anxiety arises and how to bring calm back to your life.


You’ll gain clinical strategies to try out straight away in all sorts of situations and create a mind-set for lasting recovery.


The programme is available at an all-inclusive price of £595, including six hours of small-group workshops, plus an initial one-to-one goal-setting meeting.

Over four consecutive Thursdays, you'll meet for ninety minutes per session and progress through a carefully planned syllabus.

These are some of the key points you'll cover.

Week 1:

Getting to know your anxiety better. What is anxiety? Why do we get anxious? Where did it come from and how embedded is it in your life?

Week 3:

Daily strategies to ease anxiety, looking at obstacles which might be holding you back. Creating mind-sets for lasting recovery.

Week 2:

How we inadvertently feed anxiety and keep it going. You'll learn skills to manage panic attacks and anxiety flare-ups.

Week 4:

Living life with all your new skills, relapse prevention strategies and future fears.
Importantly, how to avoid falling back into anxious spirals.

Being part of a group programme means

that you’ll be working with others

who are going through

something similar themselves.

You’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you’re not alone, and with only six participants per group, the vibe is always safe and supportive.

Initial personalised goal-setting

Prior to starting the programme, you’ll have an hour-long one-to-one session with Sanj, the

specialist facilitator.

Together, you’ll develop a clear picture of the

impact that anxiety is having on your life and formulate goals for what you’d like to achieve

from attending the programme.

You’ll also be inducted into how groups work, confidentiality guidelines and how to get the

most from the process.



Groups plus one-to-one sessions

This Anxiety Management programme sits perfectly alongside any one-to-one therapy sessions you may also be having.


People often find that the combination of groups and one-to-one treatment helps to target anxiety from as many angles as possible, and both types of treatment bring something different to the treatment experience.


For more information, ask your present therapist or consider linking in with one of the team of independent private practitioners based at

Esher Groves.

Our programme is delivered

by Sanj Parhar, a rising star in
the field of mental fitness.


After graduating with a degree and a prestigious award in Psychology, Sanj has gone on to work in both the NHS and Priory group, and is presently juggling clinical duties with studying

for a PhD at Roehampton University.


Sanj is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), and as well as experience of running a variety of group sessions, he has conducted clinical research together with activities as varied as public speaking training and international trauma assistance.


Safe to say, you’ll be in good hands…

Sanj Parhar

Psychotherapist &

Doctorate in
Psychology trainee

We all have levels of physical fitness, and it’s the same with mental fitness. At The Academy of Mental Fitness, we’re on  a mission to make looking after our mental fitness as normal as going for a run or eating your five a day.


We were founded by a psychiatrist, Dr Ian Drever, as a place to develop the skills that all of us can use to navigate life more effectively.


Ian Drever


Think of us as a gym for the mind. Somewhere to connect, mingle and be well. An inspiring place for living a life of purpose and exploring everything you can be.


We’re all about empowerment, curiosity,

fitness and fun. Welcome!


Sitting on a problem never makes it go away. Call us now in complete

confidence on 0345 11 22 300 or email hello@eshergroves.com

to learn more and book your place.


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